I’m having a difficult time with creativity these days. My blog posts are rather bland or mere links to other sites. What’s up with that, you ask?

I don’t know.

So whatever. I’m hoping I’ll get my blog back soon. (It’s like getting one’s groove back, right?)

Meanwhile I do see that I’m losing the small audience I’ve had. My stats this past month really took a nosedive. I shouldn’t really care; if I did this for stats I’d probably blog more about nude oboists or brawling English hornists or maybe find a picture of Paris Hilton playing the bassoon or some such thing. Hmm. She doesn’t seem like a bassoonist. What instrument should that girl play?

Meanwhile, I’m home from the first of three concerts. I thought it went well. I was happy with all of my solos, although not ecstatic. I wasn’t happy with one other thing I played, but I’m not sure how it came across in the hall. The audience seemed less than enthusiastic, but maybe I’m reading them wrong. Not that I would ever read anything or anyone incorrectly in a negative way, right? I really enjoy the Amram Piano Concerto. He’s calling it #1, so does that mean he’ll be writing another?

Now it’s time to pack everything up for the trip over the hill tomorrow. I have to do it tonight. If I wait until morning I always manage to forget something. I’ll probably forget something anyway, but at least I’m trying ….


  1. Hm, I haven’t noticed a change, but at least you’re blogging, which is more than I can say. 🙂 Things have been slow, in general, or at least, it feels really slow for some reason.

    I see Paris Hilton as a triangle girl. Or viola??

  2. Ms. Hilton would play the sleazaphone*, definitely. I think the triangle takes way more talent than she’ll ever have.

    That’s not meant as a joke (about the triangle) – think about it: if you’ve got a bazillion notes to play, who’s going to notice if you miss one? On the other hand, what if you’ve only got one or two notes? I mean, who writes a triangle part in the middle of a ginormous tutti section?

    * that was the nicest of the three s-words that initially occurred to me.

  3. Just including “nude oboists or brawling English hornists or maybe find a picture of Paris Hilton playing the bassoon” in your post should help. And when I include it in the reply you should really get a bump in search engine hits. 🙂