20. January 2009 · Comments Off on Music & Creativity · Categories: Read Online

I opened up my itunes and quickly browsed all the categories of music. I tend to keep music that I don’t listen to, but needless to say, I have almost everything you can imagine. I have classical music all the way to trash metal. I thought about the type of music this target market listens to. I tuned into classic rock, and all of a sudden in matter of seconds my mind started to visualize how the site should flow. My mind was in the perfect gear to produce the look and feel we were going for.

So if you listen to different styles of music does it cause you to think differently? The writer above is talking about a design for an advertiser. He was working on a fashion line geared toward outdoor sports enthusiasts (“surfers, mountain bikers, rock climbers”). I guess they all like classic rock?

And what would classical music be used for? According to things I’ve heard on the radio, it’s used for overpriced cars.

I’ve heard writers talk about what music they put on while they work to help inspire them. I guess this works for a lot of people.

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