So as I watch the quartet play this little arrangement of Simple Gifts CBS decides that it’s just too boring to merely focus on the musicians and has to show a church of people watching and listening. And then they see they are on camera and start to laugh and applaud.

Heaven forbid we just watch and listen.

Never mind, CBS. I’m moving to another station. (Should have been on PBS, I’ll bet. I’m guessing they can be quiet …?) OR … thinking more … are all the stations using the same feed? Sigh.

-time lapse-

And now we have a new president. (Am I supposed to capitalize that, I wonder?)


  1. Well, actually, I was listening on KQED and they talked over the music at one point and said a few sentences. I think they were talking about who was arriving at that point or something vital like that…aargh.

  2. So what did you think of the poem, Ms. Poet? I didn’t hear it (I was at the doctor) but read it online. I did see a bunch of comments, and other than the ones from obvious Obama-haters or poetry-haters, many seemed to like the poem but not the delivery.

  3. I’ll have to read the poem to really figure out what I think, as yes, the delivery was irksome. She is of the stilted reading ilk.

    My initial response was this:

    What makes a poem a poem?

    Is it in the
    or is it in the line


  4. Okay … catty old me. Sigh. I’ll never stop, I suppose.

    Anyway, I’ve read the poem now. I really like it. I’m not sure why it’s poetry and not prose, but I’m not a poet so how the heck would I know?


    I’m reading other people who know more than I. They really didn’t like the poem. At all. So there you go.

  5. I liked it too, if that makes you feel any better (no, you probably now have lost all respect for me).

  6. I watched it on C-SPAN. They don’t talk at all.

    When I first turned on the TV in the morning, the set happened to be tuned to ABC, so while the motorcade pulled out of the White House, I got to hear prattle about how Hoover and FDR hated each other, until I mercifully changed the channel.

  7. I should have known better, I’m sure, than to tune in to a station like CBS. But then I have reedbrain … so maybe I’m unable to know better.