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Utkin’s oboe playing is superb; strangely he did not seem to have to do all that housekeeping that you see other oboists do, fiddling with bits of paper, or the mouthpiece – maybe he just has a better quality of oboe?

I read it here.

I don’t think a “better quality of oboe” keeps one from having to use paper (most people use cigarette paper. I use end paper, which you can buy at a beauty supply shop; I don’t like to use cigarette paper if I can help it) to clear up water issues. As to the mouthpiece (reed): some oboists really fuss a lot with their reed, handling it, squeezing it open, that sort of thing. I don’t like to see the squeezing thing, and I only do that with dead or near dead reeds and only when I’m totally giving up on a reed. I’m usually just making sure it’s straight (well, my kind of straight … I do have it slightly crooked compared to a lot of players, I think). Some fidgeting is merely habit and nerves.

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