25. January 2009 · 1 comment · Categories: Videos

(You might want to turn the sound down; it’s rather loud, and there’s some noise.)

Rossini: La scala di seta

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  1. Ok, I’ll go first :).

    First, I would like to hear a better-quality recording, as I don’t believe this one truly does justice to his sound. His sense of rhythm and intonation seem to be very good, as well – I did not get the impression of either favoring or rushing anything.

    Having said that (and not to comment on left elbows, or anything :), it seemed like there were a couple of near-glitches during the fast bits (not that I could do half – or even a quarter – as well) and I found the long pauses (particularly the second one) a bit distracting (I know, that’s not really part of the playing, but it’s part of auditioning, isn’t it?).

    Of course, he’s far beyond my abilities, but it’s so much easier to pick at someone else…:)