I don’t know who’s playing, but Yo-Yo Ma is gonna be on a commercial.

Okay, okay … that was ME talking.

I was just reminding Dan that the superbowl (Hmmm. Should that be capitalized?) is on on Sunday. He responded somewhat indifferently, saying he didn’t even know who was playing. Nor do I. But my response above is all you need, right?

Truth be told, we used to watch the game and yak through the actual game but, come commercials, we’d hush everyone up. I’m guessing I won’t be as thrilled this Sunday, as it seems that the past few years haven’t been nearly as good, aside from the all important oboe ad.


  1. I love that commercial!!!

    As for the You Tube Orchestra auditions – it is very interesting to see all those oboists dance around. I wonder if the man with the gold keys is playing on a Josef?

  2. Wouldn’t it be fun if they listed their instrument brand, and then give us a close up of the reed?

    Well, maybe just I like the idea.

    (And would I want to show people some of MY reeds? Hah!)