So yes, I nailed the run. But does it make it any easier for the next time?

Nope. Not at all! Not with the way this silly head works.

I have figured out what part of my issue is with the thing: it’s actually slower than I am thinking it’s going to be. I don’t know if it was faster the last time we did this opera (we had a different conductor and he definitely took other parts faster), or if I just have a faster tempo in my head. But it throws me to have it slower … which is rather silly, don’t you think?

So below is the oboe solo … and at that tempo it does sound mighty easy. And to think I’ve been practicing it so much faster.

My favorite moment in Cosi is the beginning here, and following that is my favorite favorite moment.:

Here’s another version of the “favorite favorite” (with Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, which I think explains the lower pitch):


  1. My two favorite moments as well…I walked in to that rehearsal yesterday in a foul, deeply down mood and not long afterward was absolutely transported by this sublime music. Not the first time the beginning of this opera has done that for me, either – I think it should be bottled and sold in lieu of Prozac.

  2. Cosi remains my favorite Mozart opera. Not that I don’t like all of them we’ve done … but this one just hits me every time.

    Sorry you were so down, though. 🙁

  3. Ugh… I played Cosi fan tutte in the spring, and that lick drove me nuts. I only played it right one time out of three performances. I feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one…

    but my favorite Mozart opera is Die Zauberfloten. So much fun, I love Monostatos and Papageno!

  4. Oh I think most of us have a thing about that lick. (Thank goodness that’s the only big “issue” in that opera!) Having it occur after sitting makes it even worse! But of course I have to get it … so I continue to play it over and over and I have no issues with it at home.

    I’m hopeful …. 🙂