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Well the Superbowl isn’t as much fun as I remember from the past. I don’t usually watch it for the game; I watch for the commercials. So far they are a giant yawn. I had read that Yo-Yo Ma would be on one, but I’ve not seen him so far. I do have to get ready for opera rehearsal in a bit, so I might miss it. We’ll see. (Of course I can easily find it at the Hulu Superbowl commercial link if it really does exist.)

The half time show didn’t really appeal to me, but I know next to nothing about Springsteen and I don’t understand concerts that involve lots of noise, sound doesn’t really matter, and no one is really listening. They are just a bit of a mystery to me. Call me silly.

Meanwhile, due to boredom, I looked again at the YouTube Symphony page. It appears there are more oboists and English hornists there than before. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t remember the number of players the last time I checked.

I wonder if these audition folks know that in a typical audition you do not count all those long rests and make an audition panel sit through them. Do instructors teach students about that? If we had to site for several minutes of rest we’d really lose it by the end of the day. Really! 🙂

Now back to the game. For once the game seems better than the commercial breaks. I guess that’s a good thing …??

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