Okay … SHORT dream this time, since I can barely remember it:

Jameson (and again he was younger than he is now) had a cobra in some sort of holder hanging from the wall. The holder was more like an envelope, actually. The cobra was rather small, although wider than I would think a small one would be. I freaked out, but then I was told — I think by some scientist although this is all very sketchy — “It doesn’t become dangerous until it starts playing the trombone.”


Later Jameson had a poisonous spider. It, too, wasn’t yet dangerous, although I don’t recall what it’s danger sign was.

Yes. I have strange dreams.


  1. I feel “It doesn’t become dangerous until it starts playing the trombone” is a statement that may be applied to almost everything.

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  3. i am really loving the image in my head of a cobra playing the trombone right now!

  4. But what a bizarre dream! And I seem to get the odd ones frequently. OboeBrain, I’m sure.