06. February 2009 · Comments Off on Blush · Categories: Links, Ramble

If you are an oboist and you don’t read oboeinsight, you should! Patty is the superhero of oboe bloggers.

I read it here and it warmed my heart. Or at least made me smile. Or blush. Or something. (Yeah, I am frequently confused about my feelings.)

In other news (sigh) …

I’ve been waiting for 45 minutes for a student. Waiting means working on reeds, actually, which is a good thing. But a late student isn’t a good thing. And worrisome.

It’s rare to have a late oboe student. Oboists are often obsessive compulsive types. Or control freaks. Or both. And we want to be perfect. So a late oboist? Not common. At least not in my little world.

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