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The Met has announced the 2009-2010 opera season.

Cutbacks. Just like everyone else. Of course we had been warned earlier of their disaster scenario so I suppose no one is surprised.

Still no review of Cosi in the Merc. Hmmm. It didn’t appear online yesterday, as we were told it would, but not seeing it today makes me think it won’t be online at all. (There was an earlier article on Cosi — including some paragraphs about the state of Opera San Jose during this very tough time — and it never appeared either. Should I take this personally? Maybe they don’t like me linking to them? Or maybe they just don’t like me.

Yeah, it’s all about me, folks.

Okay. Kidding.

I suppose I’ll have to go buy a paper to see if the review is there.

Nope. Nothing in the hard copy either. Weird. Guess maybe the review is later than expected. I wonder why …?

Update #2
Here are other links regarding the Met announcement:
New York Times

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