Here is the Merc review at last. I guess it just took longer to get in the paper and online. Mr. Scheinin is quite complimentary … and the word “orchestra” even appears at the end. How ’bout that? 🙂

There might be one or two more reviews, but this might be it. Who knows? We don’t get the folks from San Francisco to come down here very often. Such is life.

In Other News…
I was going to listen to some of my iTunes music and went to switch our receiver to what it has to be switched to in order to listen through our speakers (listening through the MacBook speakers is pretty crummy). I couldn’t get our remote control to work, so I actually had to stand up (!) and go over to the receiver to push the button. Yikes. Exercise. But then I received a shock. I mean that. Literally. And the receiver turned off, as did the CD player which is connected to the receiver. Dead dead dead. I can’t turn it on now. So so much for music through nice speakers. I hope I didn’t kill the receiver. It’s awfully old, though, so I wonder.

These days I’m just rather shocking. And this makes me wonder; could I ruin my MacBook this way? How do I ground myself so as to avoid doing that? Oh you smart people out there … I’m relying on you. Please?


  1. I’m sure I’m not one of the “folks from San Francisco” you’re referring to (or hoping for), but I’ll still be driving down to see Cosi next Tuesday!

  2. Glad to hear it! (But no, I was referring to those folks who write for newspapers. They usually don’t attend San Jose events.)

    I hope you enjoy it. (We aren’t SF Opera, but we are very nice people. 😉

  3. I’m happy there’s any arts coverage at all left in the Chronicle, because it’s becoming very short about even San Francisco events…but yes, I was being silly of course, I know who you meant…and it’s probably also a good thing you’re not San Francisco Opera, because then you wouldn’t be playing anything until September!

  4. Oh, but SFOpera is back to play in June. I have three more operas to see & hear! (Tosca, Traviata, Porgy & Bess) 🙂

  5. oh true, i forgot about their summer season…well, still a much longer wait than next tuesday in any case 🙂

  6. Yep … definitely a longer wait!

    I hope you enjoy the opera. Have you been to Opera San Jose before?

  7. I haven’t, though I’ve been to the California Theatre for SSV before (when you did Beethoven 9 last year – a Beethoven 9 I enjoyed much more than MTT’s here in SF in September). Looking forward to next week!