Cosi went fine last night, but the majority of the orchestra froze. Deciding what to wear before leaving home was fairly easy; I knew it would be cold when I arrived at the theatre because they don’t heat the hall early enough to really warm the entire place before we arrive — or even before the audience arrives. I was glad I not only chose my warmest sweater, but also brought my black scarf and black wool coat; I wore the scarf for the entire time, and my colleague (and second oboist) borrowed my coat for the performance. Yes. It was that cold.

The heater was on, and I could feel it if I held my had up by the vents, but that was about it. After the overture, when the curtain opens, a huge rush of cold air comes pouring into the pit from the stage. During intermission we went up and asked what was up. The stage manager said she was freezing too, and that they don’t heat the stage!. That’s right. No heat there. It had something to do with a fire hazard or some such thing, I think. I wasn’t really listening all that carefully. I just knew that there appears to be no solution.

I’m a wimp. I get cold easily. My instruments don’t like cold. But I guess I’m going to deal. Fortunately I can wear my hand warmers (made by Janet Lanier) for the performances, and I just leave them on my tray so there are readily available.

I’m at my latest favorite coffee shop and the two women (I’m holding back from calling them girls so I don’t offend readers, but I really prefer the word girls to the word women … “women” sounds like old, uptight, dressed in suits sorts. Go figure.) who work here are loudly talking music and what they like and how on Fridays they ought to nix the softer stuff, “mix it up”, and play the lively music. I want to yell out, “NOOOO” (in good old Anakin Skywalker form I suppose), but I’m refraining. Still, if it’s loud, fast and annoying next week will I have to find a new favorite coffee shop? I hope not!


  1. Don’t you just hate that??? Do you have a temperature clause in your contract and someone with a thermometer at the gig?

  2. We do have a temp clause, but it’s not so cold that we can really do much but grumble … it’s the breeze that is causing trouble, and that’s not really something we can measure.

    Ah well. Life!

  3. Oh well. It is breezy on our stage too. So breezy the cello music floats off their stands! I actually made myself an EH cozy for when I double (which is frequently) to fend off the winds.