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Quotes from online:

Usually, the sound of the oboe is a bit irritating for me because the sound bounces back and forth between my ears, but this was sheer bliss.

An oboe played less-than-fabulously sounds much like a cat being tortured.

I too played the oboe for seven years in junior high and high school. I’m pretty sure it was the reason why I had so many boyfriends (too many to count, I assure you) in my adolescence.

I’m like listening to classical now. 92.4FM. Friggin’ weird, but who cares, who doesn’t like beautiful music? I LOVE THE OBOE SOLOS LAAAA.

Just three minutes long, it squeezes in several great bits within the first 11 seconds, all in a sort of oboe’n’bass hip-hop jazz style that owes more to Oliver Postgate than DJ Premier.

I read the last one here.

Hmmm. I listened to the music written about above, and I hear sax and clarinets, but I sure don’t hear an oboe! So tell me … do YOU hear an oboe in this?

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