No, the power did not go out in the hall.
Yes, we played.
No, it was not warmer.
Yes, I wasn’t comfortable.

Oh well. Can’t have it all, eh?

I had one very odd moment. My brain simply stopped. Or something stopped. When we get to the one lick I blogged about earlier, I first hold a measure of high B. Then I do the run down. As I’m holding the B, I’m thinking “I can’t move my fingers!” Really. It was as if they were frozen. Fortunately I played the darn thing. Unfortunately I had a glitch. Fortunately the other winds came in by then so I’m hoping the audience didn’t even hear it. (Mike? Care to be honest and tell me if the error was glaring? No pressure if you don’t wanna!)

Now I’m home and the rain continues. This is very good news for our area, as we’ve already been told we will soon be on water rationing. Water rationing is tough when one is already attempting to ration water. Seems like those who have wasted water these past years are rewarded by being allowed more water than us. (I’m assuming it’s like last time we had this; your allotted amount is based on past usage. I think it should be based on the size of your yard and the number of people living in your home. But what do I know?)

Tomorrow I’ll finally get to see some of the Amgen Tour of California! Oboe break time.


  1. Our power went out this morning just as we were fixing to head out (went to the book store and out to lunch and then got some stuff for my daughter’s upcoming 8th-grade Yosemite trip). On the way home we came back by the reservoir which feeds the creek in our backyard (Steven’s Creek) and, even though it’s been raining for at least what, 20 hours straight? the reservoir is still down by around 30 feet. Yikes.

  2. Sorry abpout the blip. I guess it’s a pain to be human!
    I once forgot how to play a lick in Nutcracker of all things! Waltz of the Flowers – where the 2 oboes play those little eighth note ditties…

    Get warm.

  3. Thanks Ceci! The blip wasn’t so big of a deal today. And I guess I’m just getting used to the cold. At least a big.

    Tim, it’s still raining here, so I’m hopeful this will eventually help the reservoirs. I’m being optimistic tonight.

  4. All honesty, I didn’t notice a thing. I did think your solos in the overture were lovely, so if that’s where it happened then there was absolutely nothing noticeable. Otherwise, I hate to admit it, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the oboe. I’m sorry! 🙂 But I didn’t hear anything from the orchestra that sounded incorrect at all.

  5. The blip was much later (near the end of second act), and I really don’t think it was something anyone heard.

    … thanks for the compliment for the overture solos! THAT’S the part that matters most, of course. 🙂