Master Oboist H. David Meyers is available in New York. He will play a segment of music from the lost works that includes an unusually high (and difficult) oboe note; in fact it would have been nearly impossible for oboists in Beethoven’s day to accomplish. The puzzle depicts Beethoven looking on earnestly to hear whether the oboist (who is actually H. David) will reach the big note.

Anyone know what the note is?

I read this here.


  1. This reminds me of an essay test involving the mozart quartet and a high F. Can it really be much higher than that?

    I’m going to be really embarrassed if it is an Ab because I still can’t quite get that note to behave and look at all the extra keys I have!

  2. I am guessing it has to be higher than an F. But who knows? Someone needs to go to the thing and fill us all in, eh?

    But since it must be a Beethoven work, I guess I should just do research and figure it out!