My eyes have had it. I desperately need new computer/music glasses. Argh! I can look at a computer for about 15 minutes and then my eyes go all buggy.

When I bought my new distance glasses last year — and yes the prescription had changed, just as it always does (grumble grumble sigh) — the doctor said my reading glasses could be changed as well, but that I could get away without doing so. And of course that’s what I chose, since I have horrible vision and glasses are quite expensive for me.

Of course many readers may suggest that this vision issue is a GOOD thing; perhaps I’ll get a life. Step away from the computer. Walk outside, even. Maybe I’ll make a reed. Or scour the house. I could practice, too.

But … well … I want to use the computer when I want to use the computer!

I suppose the solution would be to make an appointment, get a new prescription, and pay megabucks for new glasses.

It’s that megabucks part that is bothersome.

Meanwhile I guess I’ll pace my computer use. I’m not good at pacing.


  1. Maybe you need to do your frequent computer stuff on a larger monitor?

  2. Hmmm. Hadn’t thought of that.

    You must be smart. 😎

    So what should I get? Do tell!

  3. Something like the cheapie monitor I added to my computer? Put it on a desk somewhere?