So if anyone is interested in the last two performances of Così, you can get discounted tickets via Artsopolis. Nothing like saving money, you know? So try this. (I hope the link works; I’ve subscribed and I don’t know if that’s a requirement to get to the page.)

As readers know, you won’t find our production on YouTube, but here’s a video just for fun (and for the beauty of it):


  1. As a consumer, I’m happy that there are discounts available. But the production is so wonderful, I’m sorry that it’s not selling well at regular prices. I hope that OSJ isn’t losing money on it…

    (Although they had to save some money by recycling that set from La Traviata!)

  2. Yeah, I actually pondered not putting the discount up … but it’s better to fill those seats, right?

    It has only received wonderful reviews. I wish more people knew about OSJ; I think this group is a true treasure.