I’m enjoying my chicken taquitos at the Hungry Slug (when the school mascot is the banana slug this name makes sense, yes?) and I’m browsing the IDRS journal. I’m reading from back to front, as I tend to do (don’t know why!) and I ran across the Fossati ad. There are four players shown playing various instruments (oboe, d’amore, EH) and two of the players’ pictures are backwards, so that their right hand appears on the top joint. How silly is that? I wonder what Michel Bénet and Fabrice Mélinon think about their photos. (If they’ve seen them.) Hmmm.

But how nice it is to sit here and relax. This is the first time I’ve made it to this place in time to actually get to order, as they close at 2:30 on Fridays and I usually finish teaching at 2:00. (Thanks for taking the week off, Jordan … I’m finally enjoying a real lunch! But I do want to see you back next week, and I did miss you, of course.)

And reeds? GRUMBLE. The reeds I thought had potential are showing themselves to be unruly, misbehaving pests. Sigh. I was so hopeful. Meanwhile I found out that I’ll have a new “partner in crime” tonight, since the second oboist is ill (recover quickly, PH!). Ah stress. It’s what’s for dinner the concert. (If you don’t get that lame attempt at a joke I guess you don’t know the beef commercial which, as an aside, uses Copland’s Hoe-Down. In fact, to many that tune is known as the “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner song”.)

Notice, in face, what this YouTube video is labeled:


  1. The strings-only version of Hoedown just doesn’t cut it — missing the trumpets is like missing the “Ho”!

  2. Ho ho ho … very funny!