I finished teaching a bit after noon. While I was teaching I was wide awake, energized and enjoying my students thoroughly. Teaching can be such a joy!

The minute I finished? Exhaustion came right back.

It’s funny how that happens. Prior to teaching I sometimes think, “I’m not sure how this is gonna go,” but when I get the student in the door I’m just so happy to be teaching and enjoying the baffling world of oboe.

Most of the time, in any case. There have been times (rare, I’m happy to say) where I’ve walked away thinking, “That didn’t work. At all.” That usually has something to do with the “ER” (Energy Relationship™) between the student and teacher, I think. There are just a very few who require a lot more energy from me because they don’t put much, if any, energy into the lesson. It’s weird how it works. The more energy a student puts in, the more energy I have. The less they put in, the more energy is required OF me, but the more that is zapped. Any other teachers understand and deal with this issue?

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  1. This is the story of my life! I have some students that barely talk in lessons. I’ll ask “how are your reeds?” when they walk in and they just look at me. Those lessons tire me out. Then i have students that are just so excited to get to their oboe lessons and we’re laughing, singing, playing duets, jumping up and down and I leave and just want to practice for hours.

    I wonder if anyone has done scholarly witting on this subject…it would be a very interesting research topic.