24. February 2009 · Comments Off on Dreams (& a Nightmare) · Categories: Dreams, Ramble

Waking to “Send in the Clowns” is sort of pathetic, isn’t it? My last dream was sad. It had music with it. The dream was fairly “Sondheimesque” and that was the final tune. I can’t remember the dream much, but I sure do remember it was sad and kind of hopeless in some sort of way.

But before that?! Yikes. There was a spider in it that was spinning a very creepy, unattractive non-symmetrical web. There were rats which I was trying to get out of the house. I finally hit them over the head (Dan tried, but he was too nice about it). I knocked one out. Then I hit the other, and realized it wasn’t a rat, but a baby. Fortunately I didn’t hit the baby quite as hard and it was okay. That’s about all I remember of that dream. It’s probably a good thing.

So I’m awake, but I think my dreams really tired me out.

I rarely have oboe reed nightmares, so I guess I should be happy for that. I do have oboe dreams, and at least one of the above dreams contained an oboe in some way, but I only remember the glimmer of oboe, not really anything more.

But the good news is (this is about 40 minutes after the above writing took place) … my toilet overflowed. Which took some time to clean up (still not done) as you might imagine. Which means I can make and enjoy my latté now, since it’s been over 30 minutes since my medication which requires a 30 minute wait for food.

So ain’t that grand?! 😉

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