I was listening to the radio today, and Haydn’s Sinfonia Concertante for violin, cello, oboe, bassoon & orchestra was playing. Of course I recognized it immediately. (What oboists wouldn’t, eh?) And I know that, sometime in the distant past, I played the work. But for the life of me I can’t remember when or with whom!

It’s kind of funny to think about the works I’ve played, and even soloed in. When I’m have an important part, I think I’ll just never forget the moment or the situation. But it simply isn’t so. And today was a case in point; I soloed on that Haydn. But I sure don’t remember it. At all.

All that work, and then it’s gone.

I wish I had saved all of my San Jose Symphony (RIP) programs. Those are gone too. And I played some pretty important works. But I sure can’t remember them all. With Opera San José and Symphony Silicon Valley I can look at the websites and see exactly what we’ve played. For the most part I can remember which sets I skipped out on (yes, there were a few) and which symphony sets I moved up to principal on, or played English horn. But San Jose Symphony?

Again, all that work, and then it’s gone.


  1. The very nature of music is ephemeral, after all.

  2. I try to save all my programs. Sometimes I’m tempted to throw them out, but they always end up coming in useful at odd times (…like when I’ve been lax in updating my resume).