Why doesn’t the Conservatory make such concerts more accessible to its own students? I can understand if the concert is selling well, producers of the event, renting the hall, would not want to lose revenue. But when there is an empty hall, why not open it up to students, either at a deep discount or even for free. Airlines fill empty seats by all means possible, so how about the Conservatory flying right?

You can read the entire letter here.

I agree. This would be a very good thing. And please note: Opera San José has student rush tickets that are well worth the small amount of $11.00. I love that. (I don’t know if Symphony Silicon Valley currently offers anything like that.)

At the same time, I have to ask why some of the students I have spoken with (and some I’ve taught) don’t attend concerts at all. Even free faculty concerts. Some of the students I’ve talked to have never attended a symphony concert in their lives, aside from the ones they are in. I find that quite puzzling.

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  1. My school required all music majors to accumulate a certain number of recital credits every semester (I can’t remember how many – too long ago). You could get them by going to any recital or concert hosted by the School of Music (performed by students, faculty, or guest artists). I’m kind of astonished to discover that’s not the case at every college.

    That doesn’t help get them to outside (i.e., professional) events, but it’s a start…