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Okay … these things make me laugh:

#1: “Discover how You Can Improve Your Oboe Reed Making Quickly and Easily. Do you want to make better more consistent reeds without getting an ulcer?”

#2: The background music

#3: Well, look at the cane at the start! Um … it’s a bit on the large side for an oboe reed, is it not? Look at the gouging machine, gouging flat pieces of cane. This is all for sax or clarinet reeds … isn’t it?

So this German video isn’t really what the ad is for. (Deceptive? I think so. But whatever.) The ad on the video is actually for a site I’ve seen before called “Making Oboe Reeds”. You can pay the person $29 (for now … I guess it’s usually $50) for his book. I’ve seen it. It’s fine. But I actually think you can find a lot for free out in InternetReedLand™ these days. Free is kind of nice. 🙂

You can always check out this preview by Liang Wang. If only reed making went this quickly!

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