07. March 2009 · Comments Off on Who Wins? · Categories: Links, Listen, Videos

When I’m playing a duet with a student who rushes, I sometimes say, when I reach the end, “You win! But you lose, too.”

But now MMmusing has put up what I might call The Great Race and I don’t know that anyone wins or loses, but it’s between Callas and Fleming and it’s really fun to hear … and watch. I’ll put the YouTube video here, but don’t neglect to visit Michael Monroe’s site, MMmusing.

And I have to acknowledge Alex Ross, since he brought it to my attention. (I’m not sure how I missed it. Silly me.) I like acknowledging a blogger when the writer causes me to blog about something. I think it’s only polite … and maybe even gives the blogger a few extra hits, although I doubt it will do anything for Mr. Pulitzer Prize Finalist-NYT Top 10 Book of The Year Winner-Popularity-Rest is Noise-Ross. 🙂

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