08. March 2009 · 6 comments · Categories: Videos

Some things are just too funny. I’m sorry I can’t put the video up here, but visit this and watch that third horn player. Someone must have been very, very tired.

Really. Go watch it!


  1. That’s hilarious! I’ve fallen asleep during a concert before, but never dropped my horn!

  2. What surprises me the most is that it’s not during a ginormous rest section – admittedly they’re playing one of those horn-as-percussion parts, but still, at least they’re playing vs. counting.

  3. I was just surprised that no one around him tried to wake him up. Oh … and that someone was there to film it.

    Hmmm. Is it all an act? Does appear to be …?

  4. I was reading the comments (in my limited understanding of Spanish, using Google translate but it didn’t help much) and it seems some people were saying this orchestra had slipped in quality a lot. Also they seemed to be castigating the conductor for his sexual preferences – as if that had anything to do with the horn player’s behavior. Drinking was mentioned as a cause for the horn player falling asleep, but not sure if that was serious or in jest.

    I too was surprised nobody woke him up.

  5. Roughly translated this guy was “without shame” drunk at his first engagement with this orchestra. The verb “tomar” is the verb used for drinking alcohol.

    No one probably woke him up because honestly he got what he deserved in my opinion!

  6. Gee, and I have been planning on linking to an article about musicians and drinking.

    Astounding. (Thanks for the translation.)