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Classical music is going to be extinct by the end of the 21st century. There…I said it. I, as a classical musician, get to listen to all my colleagues whine and complain about the lack of jobs and the lack of interest in classical music anymore. I just sit back and watch them and wonder how they don’t see why this is happening. We have totally lost sight of the fact that we play for an audience, and audiences like to not feel like they are stupid. They like enjoying the music not trying to figure it out. I hate how musicians nowadays make themselves to be this elite group of people that are way above everyone else. Just because we have training doesn’t mean we have to write music that only we can understand. Musicians need to get back in touch with their roots and realize that we need to reconnect with the audiences. A musical performance should be an interaction between the performer and the audience, and not some display of elitism that leaves audiences feeling inferior and stupid!

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Now I’m off … gotta go get in touch with my roots.

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