It was a really good show though I have to confess I kept thinking throughout “does Bob (Redford) like classical music? Will he like this? I sort of figured he would cause he’s black Irish so issues of life and death and such resonate.

-Jane Fonda

I wish I lived nearer New York sometimes. I’d love to see the play Jane Fonda is in that is about a musicologist and Beethoven and who knows what else. And now I learn that Jane Fonda has a blog. How cool is that? With pictures too. (Well sure, she can put up pictures of herself. She’s so darn beautiful. Me? I guess I should put more pictures of … um … oboe reeds … something … but not me!)

I also read this:

Jane Fonda has just opened on Broadway, to rave reviews, in the play 33 Variations, and I have tickets for tomorrow night, which kind of amazes me. I’ve always been a Jane fan, and even met her back in 1972, but a play about Beethoven where his music is reputedly the “real star”? Is that any place for a guy who was executive editor at the legendary Crawdaddy from 1971 to 1979, when my generation’s main exposure to Ludvig Van was via Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange?

You can read the whole article that includes the above quote here. Fun read.

Meanwhile … we just finished our dress of Barber Adagio for Strings, Schubert Symphony No. 9 (“The Great”) and some other guy … hold on while I check the symphony site … Guilmant. Anyone ever heard of him? I can’t say I’m thrilled by his organ concerto, but what do I know? Not a lot, I’m sure. But the other two works are certainly well worth the price of admission. And you do get to see a very gaudy organ … and hear the instrument too. So there you go.

Now it’s really time to hit the hay. I have students and a concert tomorrow. And I’m rather weary these days.


  1. er, how is robert redford black irish? more like red, if you ask me!

  2. I wondered what that meant. I just figured it had to be some sort of term I didn’t understand …?

  3. Now I’ve read Wikipedia … hmmm … hair color? When did Redford have dark or black hair. Never, as far as I know. Or did he die it blonde all those years?

  4. I always thought the stereotypical Irish coloring – pale with blond or ginger hair – was due to the frequent Viking invasions…

  5. Wow – thanks for the link to Fonda’s blog. What an amazing woman…so much energy! I didn’t realize she’s 71.

    Tim, I think that’s right (blond and especially red hair); I was confused about who had given red hair to whom so I googled and found