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I had never heard of the superstition regarding Tchaikovsky’s Sixth. But there’s a lot I don’t know … as all of YOU already know.

Tchaikovsky’s sudden death in the autumn of 1893 startled the world. There were rumors that he committed suicide. It was believed that he died of cholera.

Whatever the cause of his death, it occurred shortly after he had conducted an orchestra in the premiere of his Sixth Symphony. Among those in the audience on the night of his premiere were his nephew and a talented young musician, Ossip Gabrilowitsch. Three days after the concert the nephew committed suicide and the series of sinister coincidences associated with the Pathetique began.

From then on whenever it was played someone in the audience or one of the musicians met a sudden, unexpected end. It wasn’t long before many musicians came to dread the Sixth Symphony and a number refused to play or listen to it.

You can read the entire thing here.

So am I the only one in the world who didn’t know this? (And no, it won’t cause me to skip playing Tchaik. 6 if it’s on the schedule.)

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