13. March 2009 · 5 comments · Categories: TQOD

another asian, violin playing, only-child pointed out my fascination w/ oboe & french horn reflects my tendency towards difficult tasks.


  1. Ha! :p

    Personally, I’m way too lazy to have a tendency towards difficult tasks, so how accurate an assessment can that be?

    Besides, we can’t all be percussionists, right? I mean SOMEONE has to do the hard instruments…

    [ducking and covering]

  2. You and I chose well, didn’t we Patty?


  3. Tim: you funny man, you. Don’t worry, though; I can’t imagine a percussionist reads this blog. Or should I write “I can’t imagine a percussionist reeds” …?

    Cameron: Hmmm. Did I choose? Was I chosen? I do ponder that on occasion.

    Right now I’m only pondering Why the heck did I choose something that requires a hand made mouthpiece?! Sigh.

  4. Make that: a hand made mouthpiece that wears out constantly!!!

  5. You bet, dk.

    I’ve decided I was meant to be rich. Rich, with a personal assistant. Rich with a personal assistant who makes perfect oboe and English horn reeds.