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I’m home from the Kiddie Concerts. The concerts are nicely put together by the conductor, Peter Jaffe. He is full of energy, and is really good with children; enough humor to get them up for things, enough control to get them quiet. So it was fun, even though I managed to count wrong TWICE! (Mr. Jaffe was gracious enough not to glare, but boy did the oboe section get a lovely and clear cue for the entrance the next time we played.)

Something about 10:00 AM and all … sigh.

One thing to note: Because I was an English horn player for so many years, this is the first time in my career I’ve played the second movement of the Tchaikovsky sixth. Same with the March from The Love For Three Oranges by Prokofiev (but that’s not quite as common as the sixth). Funny how that happens, eh?

I also tried three of my EH reeds and, dare I say this, I think I like them for next week. I hate saying anything, though, because while of course I’m not at all superstitious I worry about saying anything confident like that. Go figure.

I have two hours now to eat (I forgot breakfast again!), rest up, and get ready to teach three students.

Then I have a night off. Woo hoo!

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