It is also the kind of event that, during Denève’s tenure, the RSNO does increasingly well. He feels that, four years into the job, the orchestra is finally taking the shape he wants. “They have had to cope with a lot of changes. At last, I have fantastic new first oboe, which is so hard to find.” (There is, apparently, a world shortage of oboe players.) “Many orchestras struggle to find a great first oboe.” Denève stops and giggles. “By the way, he’s French”

Hmmm. Is there really a shortage of oboists? I wonder.

(And why is it that the word “giggles” bothers me? “Laugh” is fine. But “giggle” sounds so … I dunno. Childish, maybe?)


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  1. i HATE when people say there are a “shortage of good musicians” today. there are PLENTY of great musicians, but standards have risen and the hiring process has become more complicated. Ray Still used to say that when he took the audition for the Buffalo Philharmonic back in the day, there were only three people who showed up, or that’s the gist of the story, anyway. i DO think it is hard to find a good fit between the orchestra and a particular musician, perhaps because of the nature of our audition system.