17. March 2009 · Comments Off on Um. Okay. Is this for real? · Categories: Fun, Links

The San Francisco Opera House is exactly the same, same coffered ceiling, same sweeping balconies, but the music isn’t.

I’ve been invited to sit through 3-1/2 hours of Dr. Atomic, the new opera about Robert Oppenheimer and the first atomic bomb test. Long recitations from declassified government files and the Bhagavad Gita set to trilling, clattering, pulsing sounds, atonal explosions and lyrical flights.

You made it through Parsifal, Peterman, I keep reminding myself.

So you can buy a dress based on what this guy saw at the opera? Or something. RTWT.

Way beyond my means, though, so while it’s a lovely dress, I’m gonna let it go. (I did read up on the company and while it’s based on the Seinfeld character it’s for real.)

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