20. March 2009 · 3 comments · Categories: BQOD

[name taken off because I’m nice]
A former piccoloist and flutist turned oboist. Why? For scholarship purposes, of course! Ah, yes. I do indeed plan ahead too much. I am often misunderstood, but I don’t mind too much. People may believe what they like, I don’t really care. What matters is my ambition, and I endure the monotony known as “school” for my education alone.

Ah yes, the old “I’m playing oboe only because of scholarships,” thing.

Sigh. (And grumble.)


  1. joethemusician

    Everyone always told me to play oboe because it was a scholarship instrument. I said no i like saxophone better and clarinet is way more fun… fast forward until my 20s when i picked up an oboe and REALLY played for the first time… i really wish I had listened to all those people that told me to play oboe the first time around. Scholarship instrument or not it is simply the most fun to play!!! at least for me 😉

  2. I’m only playing oboe because of scholarships myself.

    Strangely, the computer engineering department wasn’t impressed somehow.

  3. Joe, I’m not at all bothered by people doing oboe for a scholarship if they also love oboe … but doing it purely for a scholarship drives me nuts. Oh well!

    Tim … silly engineering department. If you’d like me to give them a call just say the word. Oh. Wait. I hate phones.