Hi, I made a cute lamp from an oboe awhile back. It has a custom made mahogany base and functions perfectly, but the oboe needs to be glued back together in one place where my roommate dropped and broke it. Very simple fix for a very interesting piece of art/furniture. Come and get it, I’m moving!


  1. That is a very scary thought… a lamp, a friggin lamp… It would be very cool though, if it wasn’t made from a real oboe…
    I thinks it’s a nice idea to use instruments as art once they’ve stopped working, we have a tenor sax on our wall, but make an instrument into a lamp?

  2. Oh believe me, I know some oboes that should ONLY be a lamp. They definitely shouldn’t ever be played! Some people go to garage sales just looking for things like that! 🙂

  3. I remember a bassoonist friend of mine went somewhere and saw a Loree oboe bedecked in jewelery in a store window… seemed rather offended by it.

  4. I think it’s great to take an instrument that is no longer any good (or the ones that never were any good — anyone hear of Linton?) and use them for another purpose. Some instruments might be (as in the case of most Linton oboes) put in their best light this way! (Yes, pun intended.)