24. March 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I landed at a blog of an oboist who was quite upset. She had arrived late to a rehearsal (not her fault of course … um … but really it was from what I read). Then this player was upset because, when apologizing after the rehearsal for being THIRTY minutes late (!), no one said, “Oh, that’s okay.”

My response, if I were capable of honestly, would have been, “Don’t let it happen again.” If this was a professional gig the musician, who was a sub, very well might not be asked back.

In reading the blog, too, the player only left 30 minutes before the rehearsal began! I live 7 minutes from work and I leave sooner than that.

Here’s the rule, in case anyone has forgotten: Don’t Be Late!



  1. I’ve sometimes cut the corners on arriving at concerts I’m attending on my own, though I think I always manage to get there on time.

    But if I’m reviewing a concert, I always plan to arrive nearby at least an hour before showtime. This is to allow time to settle myself in and be in a receptive mood as well as to allow for mishaps on the journey, but the important thing is: being late is unprofessional for a reviewer.

    I presume that feeling unrushed, as well as avoiding actually being late, is helpful for the musicians as well.

  2. Indeed, David!

    I prefer to get to my events early. I used to get to everything one hour before. I’ve relaxed a bit, which is suppose is just about age and experience … and I don’t have to worry about parking, and I live 7 minutes from work.

    One reason the double reeds often prefer to arrive before anyone else is that we want to check out the reeds and see what will work. Every day is an adventure; we never know how they’ll have changed, what might have cracked, what other problems will arrive … it’s a stressful adventure … and the only way to really check them is to be on stage (for acoustic reasons – nothing is like the stage). You can imagine that, with the talks beforehand, I find myself frustrated because I can’t get on stage until 30 minutes before downbeat. Sometimes that can be scary! But that’s show biz, folks. 😉