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The American Wind Symphony Orchestra has a 50-year history of sailing the world’s waterways from its home port in Mars, Pa. It has previously played in Marquette and Houghton.

I’d never heard of this group before, but I don’t know much about bands. Sounds … well … interesting.



  1. joethemusician

    i know a lot about this band if you are interested in pointless factoids… During my MM i took a class in band literature and we had a whole unit on important/influential/current bands. Usually we call it the Barge band but boat band has all the same bbbbbrilliance (sorry). The conductor is well… not an educated musician per say (formally) but has been touring conservatories to fill the spots on the band. generally it is quite prestigious to get in. Sad news? No saxophones allowed! (booooo). They play a very unique set of the literature for the band world. I’ll stop now 😉

  2. Thanks for this info, Joe! Interesting.

    I’m not much for bands, but maybe I’ll check this group out just for fun.

  3. joethemusician

    the repertoire is more like the Mendelssohn octet than sousa marches (shudder). Of course any band is a “band” but this might be a group that someone less enthusiastic about a traditional band could enjoy. I still say it needs saxophone! 🙂

    oh and their seating is quite interesting… the french horns each sit on stools of varying height. you can barely tell if you squint but there is a youtube video where halfway through you see their traditional seating. Very interesting!

  4. joethemusician

    ooo this is a better link… sorry to hijack your posting! look at how high the tuba player is!!!!!!! i’m terrified for him (her?)