27. March 2009 · Comments Off on Sad … or horrifying? · Categories: Opera

It appears that OSJ has cut both the Entr’acte to Act 2 and Act 3. Yikes! Below are clips (poor sound quality) so you can hear what you’ll be missing. I’m just stunned, especially about Act 3. The Entr’acte before Act 4 is being moved to before Act 3. Maybe I’m clueless … is this done sometimes?

Act 2 (I love the bassoons! This includes more than the Entr’acte, of course, but listen to the beginning. That should be included in the opera!)

Act 3:

I just picked up my music today. I’m disappointed!

In addition, the librarian doesn’t understand why I redid some of the cuts last time. She has me turning pages while playing. She’s a string player … they are two on a stand! We one on a stand folks can’t turn pages while playing, so I redo cuts if I can to make them workable. Sigh. Now I have to correct them again.