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Ah yes, reed making. I think that reed making during every free and waking moment of one’s life off the stand takes much more of a sense of humor than most trombonists could ever imagine.

I simply come home, put my mouthpiece on a pedestal, light a candle, and pray that I won’t forget to bring it to the gig the next day.

-Phil Zahorsky

My friend Phil sent me the above response when I wrote this to him:

You trombonists have far too much time to sit around and think up funny things. I think you all should learn reed making instead. Just a suggestion, but there you go.

Don’t you just love it!? Thanks for a fun start to my day, Phil. That, along with catching a “small problem” with my footwear this morning (Whew! Caught it before my brand new student arrived.)


(How funny that my right foot looks so much smaller than the left, merely because of the shoe! They really are the same size. Honest!)

Nice pair ‘o shoes ..?, originally uploaded by OboeInsight.

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