29. March 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: BQOD, Ramble

Anyway, it remains to be seen, what classical music will do in this times – I am happy to play for part of my fee if it contributes towards saving an orchestra’s season, and maybe that would be the way to go for more or less the whole world, at least those who can somewhat afford doing that, because this is just the beginning of the crisis, I am afraid…

I read it here, a blog by a solo cellist, Alan Gerhardt, that I just discovered.

I think there are a good number of musicians who are willing to sacrifice a bit in order to keep groups in business. Sometimes we are seen as money grubbers — and sometimes there’s good reason for that. But these days? I think we just want to see groups survive.


  1. Well, come on – you’re all fabulously wealthy, after all. Give some back, sheesh.

    And I agree with your other post – decide not to get sick and stick with it.

    Ugh. All this nasty sunshine outside and I’m stuck going to Filoli with the in-laws today. 🙂

  2. It’s a tough life, Tim. Someone’s got to go to Filoli.

    Someone else has to stay inside and play a concert. 😉

    Yeah, I’m sticking to my “I’m not sick” plan and that’s a done deal. My body is not allowed to complain.

    I know musicians aren’t all wealthy, but I have to say that sometimes I’m just annoyed that some think we should be making much more than we do and … uh-oh, this’ll get me into trouble! … I think we are paid adequately. I really do. Aside from the big names we’ll never be wealthy, but neither will the majority of the working folks.