30. March 2009 · Comments Off on Funny, That. · Categories: Ballet, Ramble

Yes, I’m going through withdrawal today. I’m at that “I’m sorry it’s over” state that I get to enjoy only because it’s over. Funny how that works.

Tomorrow it’s back to music, and it’s all Mendessohn this week. I’m hoping it’ll be a fun little run of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I wasn’t sure if I played it the last time, since we used to be a three oboist orchestra, with me on the English horn chair, but I see my marks in the music so there you go. Funny what I forget!

I’ll be teaching later today, and I’ll also be going through the Mendelssohn, as I do need to practice it a bit. Time to move from English horn back to oboe! Funny how different the reeds will feel after playing on the heftier EH reeds.

But now? It’s nap time. I have a sore throat and I really can’t afford to get sick. Getting sick would definitely not be funny.

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