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… and when is it not?

What is the definition of a blog anyway?

I ask this because I just landed on Anne Midgette’s blog. (It’s good, so check it out!) But it’s part of the Washington Post. And when a blog is connected to a business it feels like a blog but also feels like … I dunno … a business blog maybe?

I’m probably not making any sense here. But, to me, a blog is a personal thing that is run by an individual (or group of individuals) with no connected to a business that may or may not keep the blogger(s) in line.

And yet a lot of organizations are now starting blogs. so clearly I’m wrong. I’ve compiled a list of performing groups that now have blogs. I plan on blogging about that soon, and putting the entire list up here. But once blogs are connected to the Big Employer they seem … well … different somehow.

I’m in control of my blog. Completely. No one tells me what to write. No one takes anything down except yours truly. Not that I don’t leave some things off of here. Oh the stories I could tell! The people I could damage. The careers I could kill.

Okay, maybe I don’t have that much power, but I really could post some dark ugly secrets here … but I won’t. I’m at least that smart.

Anyway, maybe we need two names for these things: PersonalBlogs (PB™ for short) and Business Blogs (BB™).

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