31. March 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: BQOD

Everyone knows that you should have more than one playable reed. I’ve been a slacker since the “Miracle Reed” lasted me about a year. How I managed to have a reed that not only played decently for a year but didn’t have an accident either I’ll never know.

Either way…my good reed cracked right before the concert. I had exposed sections. My oboe self-esteem is still fragile. I tried to get something else working quickly…it just wasn’t meant to be.

No. Comment. (But my students will know what I’m thinking, I’m sure!)


  1. Oh my. That’s my blog! I guess that’s what I get for publicly admitting that I played on the same reed for a year. I’m going to blame the lack of reed making time on my high school band directing gig (but really it’s just my fault).

    Shame on me.

  2. Oh ho! I wondered if the blogger who wrote that would be someone who visited this site!

    At least you know a year old reed isn’t a good thing. Some think that reeds should last that long!

    My rule with students is “three playable reeds”. For university students it should be even more, of course. And for professionals? Heh. Well, we prefer more. That doesn’t mean we have ’em though.

    Do you make your own reeds? If not, I do have someone I highly recommend. (But his client list is getting huge, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he stops taking more customers.)