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I know how I’m gonna feel tomorrow: I’ll be sad, sort of lost, and wondering about this past week. Some call this a music or musical hangover.

The day after is always a sort of sad day, even while I can relax. And I go over and over how I played, thinking about what I could have done differently.

But I do believe I played well. I rarely feel this content about performances. But for some reason I’m feeling good about these.

Don’t worry. This could change at any moment.

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Anyway, it remains to be seen, what classical music will do in this times – I am happy to play for part of my fee if it contributes towards saving an orchestra’s season, and maybe that would be the way to go for more or less the whole world, at least those who can somewhat afford doing that, because this is just the beginning of the crisis, I am afraid…

I read it here, a blog by a solo cellist, Alan Gerhardt, that I just discovered.

I think there are a good number of musicians who are willing to sacrifice a bit in order to keep groups in business. Sometimes we are seen as money grubbers — and sometimes there’s good reason for that. But these days? I think we just want to see groups survive.

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I woke up with a sore throat and I feel a bit crummy.

Dan had a most horrible cold (or was it a flu?) that took him eons to get over. (I’m not sure he’s even done with it now.) If I’m getting his bug next week’s ballet rehearsals and performances won’t be at all pleasant.

I’ve decided I am not going to get sick. It’s as simple as that.

And yes, I do have a concert today at 2:30.

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I had never seen the type of shaper that is shown in the video below. Is this for short scrape reeds, or would it work for mine as well? I wonder.

What I’d really like, though, is an electric shaper. Just think what it might be like if we could have an electric machine! Insert unshaped and it comes out shaped.

I can dream.

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I’ve been home for an hour … funny how time flies … but I can’t go straight to sleep since I’m rather wired. So I’m sitting here watching an episode of Without A Trace just to try and relax.

The concert went well … I think. I enjoyed playing the solos. 🙂

Sometimes the hardest thing about having important solos isn’t concert time. It’s the day of the concert.

It’s the waiting that can drive me crazy.

I do want to mention, too, that my colleague, Pamela Hakl, played beautifully on the wonderful oboe solo in the second movement of the Brahms Violin Concerto. Ya gotta love that solo, yes?! 🙂

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A coming production of his opera “Così Fan Tutte” will ask audience members to vote at intermission for which characters should be married in the final scene.

I read it here. So it must be true.

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Ah yes, reed making. I think that reed making during every free and waking moment of one’s life off the stand takes much more of a sense of humor than most trombonists could ever imagine.

I simply come home, put my mouthpiece on a pedestal, light a candle, and pray that I won’t forget to bring it to the gig the next day.

-Phil Zahorsky

My friend Phil sent me the above response when I wrote this to him:

You trombonists have far too much time to sit around and think up funny things. I think you all should learn reed making instead. Just a suggestion, but there you go.

Don’t you just love it!? Thanks for a fun start to my day, Phil. That, along with catching a “small problem” with my footwear this morning (Whew! Caught it before my brand new student arrived.)


(How funny that my right foot looks so much smaller than the left, merely because of the shoe! They really are the same size. Honest!)

Nice pair ‘o shoes ..?, originally uploaded by OboeInsight.

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I’m not sure why, but looking at someone’s vocal cords really bugs me. I have a difficult time, too, with teeth & dentists and just dealing with the inside of the mouth. But anyway, below is a video of an oboist who has had vocal cord problems. Some of you might find this really interesting. (Maybe T over at Notes of an Anesthesioboist will be interested in any case?)

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Someone down the hall from me is practicing the oboe. I find the oboe to be the most wretched sounding instrument ever. Obvs makes my day.

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When I used to hear classical music, my first thought was always, “elevator music.” I never thought I could fall head over heels for classical music, just from watching one little video.

I read it here. (I’d never heard anyone refer to classical music as “elevator music” before.)