03. April 2009 · 1 comment · Categories: Links

I’m not sure why any double reed player would want “Vibrass”, but the site suggests we can use it too, for lip massage.

You can see the device here. Maybe you can explain why we would need it.

When I saw the word “vibrass” I thought the device was going to be some kind of strange contraption that added vibrato to the sound. Heh. Silly me.

(Totally unrelated note: I’ve gotten tons of hits off from “final episode of ER”. Bizarre. I’m sure those folks don’t stick around for more than a second. Oh … and the episode was just so-so in my eyes, but I’m not an addict, so what do I know?)

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  1. The name does seem a little…unfortunate. I can say that it sounds like something that might be useful to horn players – when I’ve played trombone, my left arm will start hurting way before my chops. That’s probably the thing I miss least about playing the horn: the pain. It’s always nice to have a chilled six-pack available after playing, say, Mahler (so you can hold it against your lips). 🙂