03. April 2009 · Comments Off on Most Unpleasant · Categories: Ballet, Ramble

We had another ballet performance tonight. After getting to the pit and setting up I played a few notes.


My ears were plugged more than I knew. Everything felt absolutely rotten. At first I thought it was my oboe I was so unable to tell what was coming out. I had to try and forget worrying about pitch and volume and trust my instincts. NOT fun, and not always accurate. So it was a most unpleasant night of work. I honestly had no idea how loud the oboe was, or if I was in tune or not.

And then, to top it off, my cough started. You just never know when that’ll hit, right? So I’d have a tiny cough and all the sudden the PattySpasmCough—. Totally not fun.

If I could call in a sub I would. Really. But I can’t imagine calling someone in to play this show. The book isn’t put together well; the print is small and unclear. I really don’t want to put someone through reading the darn thing.

I actually did quickly go over my part to mark a few things more clearly, in case I get so sick I can’t make it to the next performance. But I know that’ll never happen.

Why is it that I have never called in sick to a performance? Really. Not ever, as far as I can remember. Most of my colleagues have. I do know no one is indispensable. I know I’m easily replaced. I know I wouldn’t be missed.

Hmmm. Maybe those are actually the reasons. Double hmmm.

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