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My back is feeling a bit better … I’m at least mobile enough that I easily walked back to the parking lot after opera. This is a good sign. I think a heating pad might be a good idea for the next few days. I know I can beat this thing. Whining does no good.

Well, except I guess it makes me feel better in my sick sort of way! 😉

We heard one cast for Carmen today, but no chorus. Singers sound good … just wish I could see ’em. (Boo hoo.) I do miss the chorus when they aren’t there. Tomorrow everyone will be there, but I won’t. So oh well! My next rehearsal is Monday night, when we run the opera with, we always hope, no stopping. With all the cuts I’ll be curious to see just how long it is. It feels rather short … but maybe the dialogue (spoken) will add a significant amount of time. I wonder.

Meanwhile, I’m relaxing in front of the tube, watching the Giants who are doing well at this point. Go Giants!! (Dan is suggesting I am not good for the team. Dan is in big, big trouble.)

Tomorrow is UCSC. I would love to email the person in charge of room assignments to find out what room I should use, but someone has someone cut a fiber opic cable and there is no UCSC email at all. Those students don’t read this blog as far as I know, so I can’t send any news this way. (But if you ARE reading, just check all the rooms to see where I am!)

And now the big question of the day: What will I have for dinner?!

I’m thinking huevos rancheros at the moment. We’ll see.

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My back is not getting better. It is, in fact, getting worse. I woke up this morning and had quite the difficult time getting up. It took me a while to convince myself I could go make my latté. (But you all know that I won’t skip that!) This is not fun at all, and I have work to do! Is this part of a virus, I wonder? I still have the cough … is it all connected?

I really must practice English horn, since I’m playing a movement of the Telemann d minor Fantasia for a Good Friday service. I’m also playing Wondrous Love with a cellist and while it’s not difficult I should at least run through it and make sure I’m transposing correctly. In addition I’m playing oboe on a few things, so I should get some reeds up and running … or at least find a few older ones that will work for a day or two. (I keep thinking my back will be better “tomorrow” and I’ll work on reeds then … I find hovering over reeds to be a bit rough on the back.)

So here I am, in robe and pjs, feeling sorry for myself.

Oh. Wait. That’s nothing new, is it?! 😉

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Just finished transcribing The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing for accordian and oboe…