15. April 2009 · Comments Off on So Good To Be Done! · Categories: Ramble

The taxes are filed. I finished them yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t click that all important file button until I returned home from opera; I wanted Dan’s “seal of approval” just because. (Of course what else would he say besides “do it” since I am the one who does the taxes and he surely doesn’t want to go through the entire TurboTax thing to see what I’ve done!)

So it’s done.

We are poorer, to be sure; self-employment isn’t so wonderful when you get to tax time. But I of course knew that, so I was mentally prepared for the Big Hit even if I wasn’t quite emotionally prepared. (Still, I didn’t cry like I might have some years ago!)

Today I’ll walk to the post office to mail our first 2009 estimated payment to the Feds (hoorah for California for letting us do all of that online!). I have to work on reeds (big duh) and practice. I also have to balance all of our accounts (yes, I’m one of the few people I know who still goes through her accounts — using Quicken mind you — to balance accounts, rather than relying on looking at the online bank balances). And then I have two students and an opera rehearsal. I should also clean the house, but I’m not counting on getting to that. Let’s be real … I want some “down time” too! 🙂

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