18. April 2009 · Comments Off on Opening Night · Categories: Opera, Ramble

I wonder why I get nervous for nearly everything these days. Even Carmen. Aside from one brief low note moment I really don’t have anything to fret over, and even that is pretty darn insignificant. But yes my stomach is telling me I’m nervous. How silly is that?! I suppose it’s just knowing it’s opening night. Somehow that adds a bit of pressure.

Truthfully, though, I can’t figure out why the nerves are kicking in.

In other news … Dan took my picture today. MY picture. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not photogenic. But I had to get one for a concert I’m doing in a bit over a month in Santa Cruz. (I’ll fill you in later on the concert. Maybe.) Now I just wait to see the finished product. Maybe he can make me look ten years younger. Ya think? One can do nearly anything with Photoshop (or whatever he uses), right?

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