So today went well. The reed that I wanted to use and attempted to use last night got a little work done to it and, lo and behold, it worked well. Low notes? ✓ Intonation? ✓ (Although maybe my colleagues would disagree.) Response? ✓ So yay for that reed. I really enjoyed playing, and it’s a joy to sit with such wonderful musicians. 🙂

During an intermission I was told the Giants won, 2-0 too. NICE! So is the answer that I shouldn’t be watching. Gee, hope not!

We don’t have another performance until Thursday, so I’m hoping I’ll get some more reeds together by then. In addition, I need to get to work on the Piazzolla Suite for Oboe and String Orchestra. (You can see that info here. I’ll be performing that work May 23. Somehow that date is getting closer faster than I thought it would!


  1. I liked it! but I didn’t want to tell you during the performance in case you hated it, and I didn’t have a chance to tell you afterwards. I’m glad to see you agreed with me 🙂

    But did I see you cutting directly INTO the tip of a reed with a razor blade (as if to simulate a crack in the tip), then putting it away? Were my eyes deceiving me? Or is that an oboe reed technique?

    Or are you just displaying signs of the oboist equivalent of Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome? I’m sorry, I just thought of that during the show and cracked myself up…

  2. Heh. There was a tiny piece of cane that was loose … rather than have it get INTO the reed (which produces just a lovely bit ‘o silence!) I quickly sliced it off before that would happen. I don’t pull ’em because that could be big trouble.

  3. And I see my checkmarks turned out to be question marks … gonna fix that now.